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The Myth That Church Wants You To Believe We Are not Gods

The Church’s Best Kept Secrets - We are Gods

Now, I have been told by many in the Clergy and those who take lesson with them and almost all those who blindly believe what they are told about this one.  Most will fight vehemently about how the Bible never says this.  They will only go by what they are told as well. There are some of us who do read that Bible and do know the secrets that are hidden in there.  In fact in the Catholic Church’s Doctrine it is mentioned that the Pope should keep their clergy and others in the dark about such things.  My, My, My, Jesus would be rolling over in his grave right about now.  Jesus never really liked the church in his day and he didn’t like those teaching traditions of any kind.  He was a Rebel in his day and it did cause him to be murdered by the factions of his day.  I am so glad they don’t have that now.
It is mentioned a few times in the Bible about how we Are Gods.  The first mention is in Isaiah 41:22-24.  The other 2 are John 10:33-35 and Acts 19:25-27.

In Isaiah it is told to us that yes indeed we are God.  It also tells us how we are and what things that will come to us because of it.  Now most will think that it doesn’t mean that, but Jesus tells us in the New Testament what things to be aware of.  Ego which means full of Pride and Vanity and those 2 things are considered one of the deadly sins will be the first to appear to you. It is one of the things that first comes out of the mouth of those who are misinformed.  They will also let you know that you are the one who is misinformed. They say that we must believe every word in the Bible.  For one it does not state that anywhere in that book.  Written in the Bible it states that all things are not in that book and it is talking about all of Jesus’ miracles and words.  How can one believe all in that is in that book if all is not in that book?

A Reality Check

EGO is a dangerous thing for the most part.  If you are told that you are a god the first thing that you would do is think that you are holier and cleaner than anyone else.  That happens many times from those who call themselves Christians.  They do think they are better than anyone else and profess it in their words all the time.  It is thought that given this they have permission to let everyone else know how they have sinned.  It does not.  Satan would fit the description of the EGO.

No, the meaning of  “we are Gods” is to make us aware of what things we can do, whether they be for good or for not so good reasons.  Jesus stressed in the New Testament that we should be careful with our thoughts.  Thoughts become things and the emotions that you put behind them dictates what kind of outcome you will receive from them.   

Be aware of your thoughts and your actions because that is what you will bring to you.  If you are unhappy about a situation ask yourself why or what you did previously that you would have this brought to you.  What is the lesson to be learned in the situation?

Isaiah 41:23-24

Declare the things that are coming hereafter, and we know that ye [are] gods, Yea, ye may do good or do evil, And we look around and see it together.  Lo, ye [are] of nothing, and your work of nought, An abomination -- it fixeth on you.

It holds us accountable for each of our thoughts, emotions, and deeds done. This takes away the need to blame other people and unseen beings for things that happen in your life.  You and you alone are responsible for things that happen in your life.

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