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The Abortion Debate and What Is Life

There has been a barrage of reports coming from the Catholic Church about Planned Parenthood and their use of abortion to end the life of the baby.  They are spreading things all over the Internet about how bad it is and reprimanding anyone who choose that.  They are spreading fear and hate in an attempt to discredit anyone who believes in Pro-Choice and condemn and judges those who actually get abortions.  I think they are going about it all wrong.

Instead of judging they should be educating.  Those who sit in prayer are not doing anything to help.  I call that laziness.  They complain about it and then they sit and pray about it.  Prayer doesn't really help anyone.  Oh you may say that it helped others and it really does work.  The only way that it works is if you get off your duff and make something happen.  So in light of  that here is my view on it from my little corner of the world.

Educate the children who are going to be parents.  Most of the women who get abortions are not in front of a Television or have Internet or anything electronic.  Oh yes there is a population in every single city in the world that still has no phone or Internet.  Don't be shocked at this.  So posting all this hate and fear on the Internet, on Social Media sites and the like isn't going to be doing those who have not any good.  You must go to them.  You must teach them about their bodies.  You must show them what is going on, because many do not have the first inkling of what goes on...that includes those in schools and who have all the electronic devices and such.  Just by observing on many social media sites and one the news and so forth...many people do not know anything about having a baby. That is why it is a personal choice between her and the father of the new cells in her body.  It's not about the baby.  Think of it that way.

Just one more side of the situation.  Think about this really long and hard.  When a girl gets pregnant and wants to abort the cells that are growing inside isn't about the new life or the's about the relationship between her and the father of that growing new life.  How does the father feel about what he has done to the girl/woman?  How does she feel about what he has done to her body?

I would like to offer you a video that teaches an educates about the woman's body, what happens at the moment of conception and then on to the moths after and the baby is born.  Perhaps this method of educating them will make a more personal experience.  I remember in High School that they taught all about the reproduction system in our bodies.  Well, it was not personal.  I don't mean to go out and do the acts of how to conceived.  I am saying that it was a text book based learning. We didn't have these wonderful videos that we have now 20-30 years ago.  This is real life stuff.  Make it even more real is to have a pregnant woman in the classroom or the church that is pregnant enough that the baby is kicking and moving about.  Let the children (all the way up to 18 year old, is a child to me), feel the life in that woman's body.  Make it personal.  Don't chide or judge because this is a part of life and everyone is a part of it.

Enjoy the Video and spread it around.  I mean spread it around in the Church and in schools and even in the parts of the nations and cities that don't have access to these.

Do something. 


The video is 100 minutes long, so go get some popcorn and a drink and enjoy.

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