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What Is The Fourth Degree of The Knights of Columbus

The Knight's Of Columbus 4th Degree of Patriotism, Suppliers of Regalia

Supreme Knight
Supreme Knight
The first charter membership of the newly formed 4th Degree of the Knight's Of Columbus was in 1900. They had a Grand Exemplification in New York at the Lenox Lyceum. 1200+ 3rd Degree candidates attended the ceremony.
The 4th Degrees is a select branch of the Knight's of Columbus Order. One has to be 3rd Degree for a year or more to become a member in this highly decorated Patriotic Order.They also do charity work and give many dollars to Catholic Religious, Civic and Charities.
Through obtaining the 4th Degree their lesson is Patriotism. The utmost purpose of the Fourth Degree is to cultivate and exalt the spirit of patriotism and citizenship of the Knight's of Columbus territories and countries through active membership in their 4th Degree Assemblies.Their motto is first God and Country and then the Order of the Knight's Of Columbus. Among the lesson of Virtue they have also learned the lessons of
CHARITY, benevolence, sympathy, amiability, patriotism, submission, unity, obedience.
HOPE, modesty, temperance, patience, self control, fortitude, chastity, prudence
FAITH, piety, gratitude, impartiality, justice, loyalty, equity, honesty
TRUTH, constancy, wisdom, integrity, brotherly love, forgiveness, kindness.
We start off with the Supreme Officers Regalia and duties of The 4th Degree Order. While the 3rd Degree has many COUNCILS, the 4th Degree has but a few ASSEMBLIES per state.
The top is the Master who is in charge of 22 provinces. There are 4 in Canada, 1 in Mexico, 1 in the Philippines and 15 in the US. These are broken down further into Districts which would be states. Each State has a District except for the larger states which would have 2. In each District there are Assemblies. Currently there are 115 districts and the Assemblies are still growing.
There are special Offices that the 4th Degree Knight's can move up to. These are the Color Guards or Honor Guards. Honor Guards have learned the way of the "Manual of the Swordsmen". There are two color's of swords handles that they use. Black and White.

4th Degree Emblem
The Triad Emblem of the Fourth Degree of the Knight's of Columbus features a dove floating over a globe showing the Western Hemisphere which signifies the New World. Columbus was credited for founding the New World. Both are mounted on the Isabella Cross which is a variation of the Maltese Cross. The capes and tunics that were worn while the knights fought for the Holy Land had these crosses on them.
Exemplifying the Union of the Divine Trinity of God the emblem displays these sacred symbols:
1.     The Globe - God the Father and Creator of the Universe
2.     The Cross - God the Son and Redeemer of Mankind
3.     The Dove - God the Holy Spirit and for the Sacrifice of Humanity

Red, White and Blue signify the United States flag in which the Order was founded. All these elements serve as a reminder that the principles of the 4th Degree Knight's Of Columbus Order is Patriotism and is truly a Catholic Order.

Why Join The Fourth Degree
4th Degree Regalia at a Church Dedication

Knight's Of Columbus 4th Degree News


4th Degree Officer Titles. The duties of each are comparable to the duties of the Third Degree of the Order.
Faithful Navigator - also has a white handled sword. The others of the Order have black handled swords.
Faithful Friar
Faithful Captain
Faithful Pilot
Faithful Admiral
Faithful Scribe
Faithful Comptroller
Faithful Purser
Faithful Inner Sentinel
Faithful Outer Sentinel
Faithful Trustee 3rd Year
Faithful Trustee 2nd Year
Faithful Trustee 1st Year

The purpose of the Fourth Degree Patriotism Order of The Knights of Columbus is:
·        To promote and strengthen the spirit of the civic community.
·        To educate its members and other both in the teachings of Holy Mother Church and the history of the nation.
·        To promote by example the highest type of citizenship so necessary for the preservation and perpetuation of Republic form of government and its democratic institutions.
·        To oppose dissemination and spread of doctrine dangerous to our form of government and to the Divine Law of our Faith and morality.
·        To support by word and deed, the duly constituted authorities of local, state and national government, and to recognize excellence in public life.

You will see their presence at church functions such as: First Communions, Weddings, some baptisms, funerals, Confirmations, Easter and Christmas .
They are strong supporters of the Veteran's Administration and the soldiers who have been in the many wars and battles of our times.
Charities and events they promote and are involved in are: local sponsorship for families or individuals in need from extreme circumstances, the Blood Drive, The Chalice Fund, put flags out on the veteran's graves sites on Veteran's Day and many other patriotic and civic functions.

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