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Carnal Knowledge and Love-Making in the Bible?

Most definately there is talk of all kinds of carnal knowledge in the Book.  Things of the kind that church doesn't like to admit that there is in there or they just gloss over.  Steamy copulations, having their ways with each other and taking a they please.  So much in there it will astound you.  Puritanism is not here and that is for sure.  To those who do not know the Bible or what it teaches and to those who think it is a guide on how to live ones life and that of Jesus and God....well let's just say some of this may come as a shock, but it is in there.

The Good Book Of Love
The Good Book --The Holy Bible
What is Carnal Knowledge in the Bible and why do religions don't teach it?
There is Carnal Knowldege and coupling in the Bible and it tells you much about it.  Understanding what it says and bringing the truth to the light dispells some of the myths that have gone around in religious circles.  Did you know that St Augustine is the one who told religion that sex was only for reproduction?  It wasn't GOD! That set the groundwork for all kinds of things and later alot of misconceptions of who said it in the Bible and where it came from.  Did you also know that he was the one who dictated what the position for a man was in making love to a woman?  It wasn't GOD! How did that get in the Bible?
If you would like to read the Confessions of Saint Augustine you can find all the chapters on Sacred Texts.

For this article we will educate you and spread knowledge and not fear of such things as Making Love in the Bible.

First the book that is in the Bible that rearely gets read.  I am giving you the first few chapters right here and then you can read all of them The Song Of Solomon

A Beautiful Book - Song Of Solomon

 This book is full of erotica for even today's standards.  Yet it is in the Bible.  How many of those who claim to know the Bible know of this book and have read it for themselves? For eas of reading I am going t omit the scripture verse numbers so it read like a story, the way tht the Bible was and is supposed to be read.
Song of Solomon 1 (Young's Literal Translation)
 The Song of Songs, that [is] Solomon's.
 Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth, For better [are] thy loves than wine. For fragrance [are] thy perfumes good. Perfume emptied out -- thy name, Therefore have virgins loved thee!
Draw me: after thee we run, The king hath brought me into his inner chambers, We do joy and rejoice in thee, We mention thy loves more than wine, Uprightly they have loved thee!
Dark [am] I, and comely, daughters of Jerusalem, As tents of Kedar, as curtains of Solomon.
Fear me not, because I [am] very dark, Because the sun hath scorched me, The sons of my mother were angry with me, They made me keeper of the vineyards, My vineyard -- my own -- I have not kept.
Declare to me, thou whom my soul hath loved, Where thou delightest, Where thou liest down at noon, For why am I as one veiled, By the ranks of thy companions?
If thou knowest not, O fair among women, Get thee forth by the traces of the flock, And feed thy kids by the shepherds' dwellings!
To my joyous one in chariots of Pharaoh, I have compared thee, my friend,
Comely have been thy cheeks with garlands, Thy neck with chains.
Garlands of gold we do make for thee, With studs of silver!
While the king [is] in his circle, My spikenard hath given its fragrance.
A bundle of myrrh [is] my beloved to me, Between my breasts it lodgeth.
A cluster of cypress [is] my beloved to me, In the vineyards of En-Gedi!
Lo, thou [art] fair, my friend, Lo, thou [art] fair, thine eyes [are] doves!
Lo, thou [art] fair, my love, yea, pleasant, Yea, our couch [is] green,
The beams of our houses [are] cedars, Our rafters [are] firs, I [am] a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys!
As a lily among the thorns,
So [is] my friend among the daughters!
As a citron among trees of the forest, So [is] my beloved among the sons, In his shade I delighted, and sat down, And his fruit [is] sweet to my palate.
He hath brought me in unto a house of wine, And his banner over me [is] love,
Sustain me with grape-cakes, Support me with citrons, for I [am] sick with love.
His left hand [is] under my head, And his right doth embrace me.
I have adjured you, daughters of Jerusalem, By the roes or by the hinds of the field, Stir not up nor wake the love till she please!
The voice of my beloved! lo, this -- he is coming, Leaping on the mountains, skipping on the hills.
My beloved [is] like to a roe, Or to a young one of the harts. Lo, this -- he is standing behind our wall, Looking from the windows, Blooming from the lattice.
My beloved hath answered and said to me, `Rise up, my friend, my fair one, and come away,
For lo, the winter hath passed by, The rain hath passed away -- it hath gone.
The flowers have appeared in the earth, The time of the singing hath come, And the voice of the turtle was heard in our land,
The fig-tree hath ripened her green figs, And the sweet-smelling vines have given forth fragrance, Rise, come, my friend, my fair one, yea, come away.
My dove, in clefts of the rock, In a secret place of the ascent, Cause me to see thine appearance, Cause me to hear thy voice, For thy voice [is] sweet, and thy appearance comely.
Seize ye for us foxes, Little foxes -- destroyers of vineyards, Even our sweet-smelling vineyards.
My beloved [is] mine, and I [am] his, Who is delighting among the lilies,
Till the day doth break forth, And the shadows have fled away, Turn, be like, my beloved, To a roe, or to a young one of the harts, On the mountains of separation!
On my couch by night, I sought him whom my soul hath loved; I sought him, and I found him not!
-- Pray, let me rise, and go round the city, In the streets and in the broad places, I seek him whom my soul hath loved! -- I sought him, and I found him not.
The watchmen have found me, (Who are going round about the city), `Him whom my soul have loved saw ye?'
But a little I passed on from them, Till I found him whom my soul hath loved! I seized him, and let him not go, Till I brought him in unto the house of my mother -- And the chamber of her that conceived me.
I have adjured you, daughters of Jerusalem, By the roes or by the hinds of the field, Stir not up nor wake the love till she please!
Who [is] this coming up from the wilderness, Like palm-trees of smoke, Perfumed [with] myrrh and frankincense, From every powder of the merchant?
Lo, his couch, that [is] Solomon's, Sixty mighty ones [are] around it, Of the mighty of Israel,
All of them holding sword, taught of battle, Each his sword by his thigh, for fear at night.
A palanquin king Solomon made for himself, Of the wood of Lebanon,
Its pillars he made of silver, Its bottom of gold, its seat of purple, Its midst lined [with] love, By the daughters of Jerusalem.
Go forth, and look, ye daughters of Zion, On king Solomon, with the crown, With which his mother crowned him, In the day of his espousals, And in the day of the joy of his heart!

Now after reading this you can see that there is love in that Bible and wonderful poetry beside the Book of Psalms.

The History Channel did a wonderful, thorough peice on this subject and you can eve watch them right here on this page:

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I do hope that you went to every one of the links that I have supplied here.  They are truly shocking as well as educational.  There is much knowledge in these videos that explain our true carnal knowledge.

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