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Men and Women Ownership Rights?

Masters Are Not Above Their Servants

You Do Not Own Me

"You Don’t Own Me"  by Leslie Gore inspired me to write about ownership of others. 
Here, you can listen to it for yourself

We don't own others
I can tell you that no one person, especially MEN, can own another person. Not in today’s world. If you think about it they could not totally own women in biblical times or before that time either. Each person comes into the world free of religion or any beliefs until it is pressed upon them. Each individual will die and pass on to another realm or do nothing, depending on what those living believe. The individual does it alone and is not owned by anyone or anything.
Biblical verse to prove this:
"Matthew 10:24-33 Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
24 `A disciple is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his lord; sufficient to the disciple that he may be as his teacher, and the servant as his lord; if the master of the house they did call Beelzeboul, how much more those of his household?
'Ye may not, therefore, fear them, for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed, and hid, that shall not be known; that which I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light, and that which you hear at the ear, proclaim on the house-tops.
`And be not afraid of those killing the body, and are not able to kill the soul, but fear rather Him who is able both soul and body to destroy in gehenna.
`Are not two sparrows sold for an assar? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father;  and of you -- even the hairs of the head are all numbered; be not therefore afraid, than many sparrows ye are better.
`Every one, therefore, who shall confess in me before men, I also will confess in him before my Father who is in the heavens; and whoever shall deny me before men, I also will deny him before my Father who is in the heavens."

Now in the song Leslie Gore was talking about men who think that they have the right to own a girl and tell her what she can and cannot do. Wow, that song was put out in the 1960’s and it is still true to this day. Time has not changed these things. Those of us women are told and suppressed still. We are still not created or treated equally. My has time ever changed lots of things but not this one. Although we have made strides, many things have not improved. They may have changed, but I see little improvement, especially by these fanatical men.

I did write another article and it was inspired by some women that think that men have the right to rape, assault and suppress them in any manner they want. They use the Bible to somehow make sense of all this. News Flash! The bible was written and put together by men who were tired of the supremacy of women and a woman culture. 

Women have been torn apart from religious leadership since the first meeting to canonize the Bible in 300 A.D, during the Council of Laodicea.  Women were first stricken from having any type of religious leadership in the church. They weren’t allowed to preside or have any kind or type of leadership in any church. They were not even allowed to approach the Alter.

In the 4th century, at the 4th Synode of Carthage, it was set in doctrine and dogma any “holy” woman could not teach men could not baptize others.

In 451 CE it was put in the Canon that women under the age of 40 could not be a deacon of the church. This was a low blow to women as well because this stopped the progression of deacons to the priesthood.

What Went Wrong
This all happened some 300 years after the death of Christ. Well Jesus loved women and he treated them equally and he taught about equality. What happened in those 400 years that went so wrong and that men thought that they could treat women so badly? It is not only in Christianity, but also in Islamic societies as well.

Men Hate Women
I am going to come out and say this. Men hate and fear women. Oh there will be those who say I am wrong and it is not biblical, but their actions do speak volumes. All one has to do is going around the men that try their best to suppress women on Hubpages. I cannot mention names, but they know who they are. Some will tell you that we women are the cause of the destruction of this country. Some say that what we say is not biblical. There are so many that are taught that women has their place and it isn’t having a voice. That is what this country was made for…the absence of tyrannical persons and rule. Religious freedom also includes all people being able to worship or not anything that they want. There is no set rule as to what or who that should be. We do not live in the age when women were taken out of leadership roles in their own religions. It was a nice gesture to have the bill of rights, in the USA, give women equal rights. Some men just cannot stand the taste of that and will try their best to suppress women who use their voice and will have their say.

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The more men hate this and show it in their words and actions the more we are going to speak up for the truth that is within us too. You will never shut us up and you must get over that. In case you have not noticed women do have political power and are in leadership roles of such, not only in the USA but other countries as well. It is not an EGO thing like some claim it is. The more they insist the more they look silly.


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