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How Ministers and Preachers of Jesus Should Conduct Themselves

How Followers and Preachers of Jesus Should Conduct Themselves

We are to respect all faiths and beliefs because they know not who, if others are just, Angels Unawares. Jesus did play that on his friends once, dressing up and making himself not recognized just to see how they would treat him. What a surprise he got.
There is a story that a preacher who dressed like a homeless person and went out into the streets and what he found was a surprise too. You never know who God is going to work through and what lessons he will bestow on the host or the people involved.
We are to love our neighbors as ourselves and to treat them just like we would want them to treat us. Many do not grasp this at all and they tend to judge by only certain scripture in that Bible of theirs that they LOVE to use as a sword. They are even told to use it that way by their religion. Jesus never said to use HIS words that way. I have found many will skirt around what Jesus said and how he said things are to be and how they all work, in favor of that sword to judge.
We are to be no better than anyone else and not hold our selves holier than thou or put ourselves on a pedestal.
We are to have and strive to have compassion for others and this earth and all the inhabitants therein. Everything happens for a reason and in their own season and many do not understand that either. If there were no strife or what most call evil, then we would never be able to learn about love and that greatness that he put into each and every one of us. It is all about consequences and how it goes around and comes around. It is the good and the bad, but it is all love and compassion and learning about the God that we have WITHIN us. It is about listening to that God within us and not something outside of us. Nothing we have is outside of us. It is ALL WITHIN us, the Kingdom, The Answers and the questions. The scripture for that is Luke 17:20-22
We just need to sit quietly and listen to the small voice without anyone else’s interpretation of such.
I am a Universal Life Reverend.  I got my certificate in April of 2004.  I abide by their mission and statements.  Reading the Bible gives me answer to what it is that I am to be doing.  Organized religion is something that I do not take lightly and will not succumb to their indoctrination.  Burning in that fire is something that I deal with almost every day in my life, since I do not teach like those organized religions.  Encompassing all religions and beliefs and practices to the God Within all of us, is something that I try my best to do.  Each individual has their own path and I just plant seeds, as Jesus said for us to do.  He never mentioned anything about converting.  I am not here to convert anyone or take them from their religion.  I am here to open their eyes to the love that Jesus holds for us and that is within us all. He only stated that if those who didn’t want to hear about him to just move on to the next one. 
To find out more about what the Universal Life Church is about you can go to their website:

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