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What Is a Person of the Cloth, a Minister, a Reverend, a Preacher?

In this article I will have several definitions of what a Minister is.  I will also tell you what it means in the Bible and what Jesus tells us what and how he Ministered.  Then lastly I will tell you how I Minister to my followers.

The first definition, According to Webster's Dictionary,

minister is:

Main Entry: 1min·is·ter Pronunciation: \ˈmi-nə-stər\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English ministre, from Anglo-French, from Latinminister servant; akin to Latinminor smaller Date: 14th century
1: agent
2 a: one officiating or assisting the officiant in church worship
b: a clergyman especially of a Protestant communion
3 a: the superior of one of several religious orders —called alsominister-general
b: the assistant to the rector or the bursar of a Jesuit house
4: a high officer of state entrusted with the management of a division of governmental activities
5 a: a diplomatic representative (as an ambassador) accredited to the court or seat of government of a foreign state

b: a diplomatic representative ranking below an ambassador

What Some Seminaries Teach You To Become a Minister
I have researched over the Internet and come to just one of the many sites that tell you how and what they teach you to be a Minister. From one site, I have no idea what denomination this is, says that they will teach you these things:
·        The metaphysics of mind, body, and soul
·        The metaphysics of the Trinity
·        Dissecting and experiencing the reality ofbeing and God, the reality and function of thought, and the role that thought plays in hearing God's Voice and perceiving the ego
·        Understanding the Holy Spirit's thought system versus the ego thought system
·        The art of relating to our minds as the Holy Spirit as a primary means of connecting with God's Voice
·        Feeling God's Voice experientially, emotionally, and physically, and the important role that feeling plays in hearing and sharing God's Voice with others
·        The metaphysics of prayer, the many different aspects of prayer, and how to effectively use prayer to hear God's Voice
·        We will delve into the 7 primary ways that people hear God's Voice (feeling, knowing, hearing, signs, words, sight, & shift in perceptions)
·        Give structure and form to hearing God's Voice as a distinct and recognizable voice within you
·        Discuss the differences between hearing God's Voice and using psychic abilities
·        Work with you on deepening the integration between hearing God's Voice and using your natural psychic abilities

This is all in good right? Well when I read some of the things they tell you to get you to stay with their classes it brought to mind what other denominations will teach their seminarians. Here are a few of those things:


Getting people to your website is one thing, but getting them to buy something from you, sign up for a workshop, or schedule a counseling session is an entirely different matter. In order to have a successful business, you need both traffic and conversion. You need a large number of potential customers and you need to effectively
·        Connect with them
·        Make them a compelling offer they can't refuse
·        Tell them why they should buy what you have to offer - right now
·        Give them a clear call to action
·        Make the transaction simple and easy to accomplish
There is a skill to accomplishing all of the above steps, and while we can't teach you everything there is to know about these steps in such a short period of time, we will guide you to all the tools and resources you need to be successful
...And furthermore:
What if you don't want to be a minister after all?
If you find yourself uncertain whether you can afford this program or not, it's important to ask yourselves this one important question, "Can you afford NOT to take this program?"
Can you afford:
·        NOT being able to receive clear communication, understanding, and inspiration from God whenever you want it or need it
·        NOT being able to restore yourself to a state of peace, love, and joy whenever you want
·        NOT deeply experiencing your Oneness with God at all times
·        NOT creating the lifestyle and profession that you truly dream about
  • What is the Ultimate Cost in your life of needing to look outside yourself for answers, support, or spiritual Truth?
  • What is your life truly like today?

What Does The Bible/Jesus Say Ministering Is
I have looked up the word Minister in the Bible. I used the Young's literal translation as it comes closest to the original that I can read. The passages that I have come across are mostly ministering as in taking care of and not professing such as religion.
Now there were a few that were said that Jesus ministered to the public or group or person where he was at. Being so, it didn't mean that he was preaching because preaching and ministering are two very different things.
Some of the ways that minister was used in the Bible were of those who ministered after they were healed, but that is only telling others of their healing. Jesus did say in the Bible that if he did miracles on people that they should keep quiet. I understand that to be because if they said anything that would bring him more distress of his situation and for their own protection against those who like to tell you that it was Satan or the Devil or that you were making it up and it is not true--very similar to what many do today.

Who Can Minister?
 Everyone is a minister.  If you love your God and tell others about it, then you are ministering to others.  Furthermore if you have love and give love then you already have Jesus and God in your very Body (flesh) and mind and soul.  That is what it says in 1 John Chapter 4.  I don't recollect Jesus saying that one has to go to college or one has to be in a certain religious sect to minister for him.  He does say that if you minister he will back you up and guide you. 

What and How I Minister

Nowhere does Jesus say that you have to be a certain religious sect or denomination to teach his words. 
Nowhere does it say that you MUST use the Bible or any book to teach from. 
Nowhere does it say that you have to go to a college and let others indoctrinate you.
It is my experience that I am to Minister for Jesus Christ. He is not the Devil and he is Not Satan and I am not mis-lead. Jesus tells everyone that if you minister in his name then you are one of his--he mentions-- not Satan or temptations in this at all. He chose me because he did. I don't know why he did but he did. He said to preach or teach without fear and that he would guide me--well he has.
Did you also know that he said all this in the Bible? Yes he did and he tells anyone who does it--while he was in the flesh to hide it, but after he went to heaven he tells us to spread his word. Now that doesn't include all the fear that religions are spreading around. He says that because he loved us first then we love him and if we love him or anything then we are of God and Jesus and they are in us. I love deeply and so that must be why he chose me.
Those who say that Jesus tells you that you are going to hell or that he is sending Satan to tempt you can never know the true and loving Jesus that I know. Satan is fear and it is the fear that is being spread about us, not the if you spread fear then you are playing into Satan's hands--whatever that means, because with Christ (Unconditional Love) in my heart there is no room for fear (Satan).
Jesus is using me to spread love and his true words of love. He needs not to spread the fear that so many others are doing. I now because he is in my mind, body and soul and he guides me each time I tell people of my experience and story of how HE brought me to know what HIS light is and to spread that light to everyone.
Now I know that I will get some that will tell me that it is really Satan doing this and that he is tempting me---but I ask you how you would know the difference. If Jesus was to incarnate right now and come to your house--would you know him or would to push him off as being Satan and tempting you? Jesus did say a few times in that Bible that he would show up unaware and then reward those who were kind to him while he was there in a state that you didn't know who that person was. Jesus said that--not Satan.
Spread his Love, not the Fear and control Jesus and God already knows who is true and who are mis-lead so let them worry about that. All I am to do it teach others the goodness and love that Jesus and God has for us and always have had. Don't let FEAR get you. Jesus said that there is nothing here that can harm you--nothing. He also said not to fear death or anything. I don't think he lied and I don't think Satan is using that to tempt you to go to hell...

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

I researched and wrote this article. Please do not copy and paste any part of this article, picture included for your own use. I will find you and report you for stealing.  It is my right to change any information therein at any time and/or change the location of my article.