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Remember Sins No More


Everyone these days has their own thoughts of what a sin is.  There are 7 deadly sins that are listed in the bible but they are not all of them.  They are Lust (do not want what others have), Glutony (do not eat more than what satisfies your body at one time), Greed (wanting more and more of any given thing), Sloth (apathy of those around you and I would go as far as choosing prayer over doing something), Envy (be not full of resentment or dissatisfaction with one’s own circumstances) and of course Pride (Do not let EGO get in your way).  People go about this world comparing sins to one another and passing judgment on them.  Christians are the most prolific to point out these while they are doing them themselves. 

Forgiveness of sins is a major topic in the Bible and taught in the church and so forth, but do people really believe it?  Do they really believe what Jesus taught in that Bible.  Many times did Jesus try to tell them what sin is and that all is forgiven the day that he was put on the cross for all of us.
There are 2 scriptures that I want to bring to your attention.  One is from the Old Testament and the other from the New Testament.  The first is from Ezekiel 37.  It states that God, the creator and master of all that has put his spirit into Ezekiel.  Later Jesus told us that his spirit was also was put in all of us.  Isaiah and Jesus, (from the writings of John) both stated that God is Within us all and later Jesus stated that all the laws are written in our minds and hearts. 

Each of us knows the sins that we do to ourselves and to others.  We know them already.  Jesus also told us to forgive others as we are to forgive ourselves.  Religion teaches many to forgive others, but it rarely tells us how to forgive ourselves.  Constantly does it ask us to confess our sins even if we have not done any.  This is not forgiving ourselves but keeps us perpetually in a sinful and guilty state of mind. 

In Hebrews, the second verses I am using, it states there is a new living law and that was what Jesus the Christ said.  He said that there is a NEW Covenant.  This New Covenant is that he and God would Remember Sins No More.  He also goes to say that there will be no more offerings for the forgiveness of those sins he speaks of.  Those sins would be all sins and that we should strive to do good.  Further into Hebrews 10 it states that we are to provoke and bring about love and good works.  We don’t necessarily have to gather into a group of many, like a church, but we can also do this within ourselves and our own families.  If we are to sin, and that is relative to the definition of the individual, we should know the truth of what we had done but there is no sacrifice to be done for it.

Jesus says in the words that were written for him that we are to Love One Another As Thyself and that we should Do Unto Others As We Would Have Them Do Unto Us and to forgive our sins in the quiet of our own hearts.  Jesus died for all our sins, so it says in Hebrews Chapter 10.
“And their sins and iniquities I will remember no more.”  Hebrews 10:17.

But Sin is a God and also A City and a Person that Jesus was told to stay away from.  It wasn't and isn't an act.  It is found here:

The bit about Sin being the city and the God and whom Jesus was supposed to keep away from:


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And I will pour my fury on Sin, the strength of Egypt; and I will cut off the multitude of No.
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City of God
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and there is more

Topical Bible: Sin: A City of Egypt
5512. Ciyn -- E. frontier city of Egypt... 5511, 5512. Ciyn. 5512a . E. frontier city of Egypt. Transliteration: Ciyn Phonetic Spelling: (seen) Short Definition: Sin. Sin ...