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The Myth That Church Wants You To Believe, You Must Go To Church

The Church’s Best Kept Secrets – You Must Go To Church

Nowhere in the Book called the Bible does it say that you have to go to church.  Jesus never said such a thing.  They twist his words to make you think that having a few people together means that you have to be in a building with lots of people and have to be there once a week or more for some. It just isn’t so. 

Jesus stated in the Bible that your bodies are the temple of GOD.  Now some have even twisted that into not being true or that Jesus did not mean it that way.  If you take your Bible and read it you will begin to realize that you are God.  You and only you control the world you are surrounded in and you and only you are responsible for how you think, act and react to things.  No one else can do what you do and certainly not anything that is outside of you.  Jesus tells us how to treat our bodies.  He also tells us that there cannot be two in one body.  Needless to say that religion has twisted that all up into what it wants us to think too.

A church is full of Idols and no matter how you twist it around; they are that and many of them in a Church.  That goes against the Ten Commandments.  Worshiping Idols does one thing and that is….takes your attention away from the God Within.  If you constantly see a Cross and it implicates that Jesus died on that cross it cannot let the truth in and keeps us in total guilt.  Jesus never wanted that.  Would you want that?  I mean would you want to be remembered for how you died and not what you lived for?

Jesus was a rebel in his day.  He went against the establishment of the time that he lived in.  He got people to think.  He made the Clergy of his day mad at him.  Many things did he say that the Church ignores or twists to their own agenda.  Oh Yes the Church has their own agenda and it isn’t to teach what Jesus taught. 

What kind of things am I talking about?  Things like Prayer and repetition in such and doing it in public, Giving money instead of giving time and talents, and the list goes on and one. 
Those who constantly say that they are “Faith-Based” kind of give me a creepy feeling.  Church or Religion gives this pseudo impression for their people to use as some sort of sword to segregate themselves into a higher category or a Holier Than Thou attitude.  They also use it as a shield as a protection from sins of others.  Jesus tells us exactly what FAITH is and who has it and how we are to use it and where it comes from.  It isn’t in some outside source.  It comes from within.  It comes from the GOD Within each and every one of us.  It isn’t for those who only go to church and are told that they are holier than others just because they do.  It has nothing to do with the EGO that the church promotes.

Let’s get a look our Psychology to understand that makings of our personalities.  There are three components of our minds or thought processes that rule us.  They are the ID, Ego and Super Ego. 
The ID is, according to Freud, is present at birth.  We are born with this and it is the pleasure principle that runs our personality.  This is the part of us that we strive to satisfy.  Sometimes it is unrealistic and can harm us in one way or another.  It is this which comes out as a constant, “I want this”. 

The Ego is the part of the personality that tells the ID what is socially acceptable and is more into the reality of things.  It judges things and puts things into perspective and allows us to judge things for good or bad. 

The Super Ego is the last thing to develop in our personality.  It is what we hold as morals that we learn from our parent’s, role models and peers and our relationship to the outside world.  It comes about around the age of 5.  These young minds are an open book and its pages ready to be written on.  To learn more about the personality you can visit The Id, Ego and Superego

This is when most religions start teaching/indoctrinating them about the Bible and the stories of such and how they are to relate to them.  It is at this age where children’s minds are easily polluted with nonsense such as they are all sinners.  It is one way that the church uses to get people to come back time and time again to do things that Jesus never taught.  It is a way to get the children to have guilt complexes that will run throughout their entire lives.  It is a way to get people to divide themselves from others who are deemed as something they aren’t by the standards of the church.  It is a way to get people to play judge and jury with other people’s lives.  It is an excellent way to get those impressionable minds to believe what is told to them without the need to question.  When a child is taught by the ROTE method or indoctrinated they will always fall back on what they are taught at this age for their entire lives.  That is the Church’s agenda.  It is a misnomer to believe the church has your best interest in mind.  Jesus didn’t teach this.  In fact he told us not to be or do traditional things.  He was not talking about traditional like holidays, but being taught in this manner.  People become like the Borg as in the Star Trek Borg, where everyone is the same as the other and become robots.  Jesus never taught that we should become like that.

Church is fine for gatherings and socializing but it is not good when it tells us things that Jesus never did.  The religions have always said the Church is the Bride of Christ.  How can it possibly be when Jesus had a very different view of it when he was alive?  No, he didn’t like the church in his time but the church of today says something much different. 

I don’t go to church and I am not going to that fiery place because I don’t.  Someone once mentioned that going to church changes you…..yep it does if you want to be in the BORG and not a real authentic person who follows Jesus.  Jesus taught to the multitudes in fields and in nature, not in buildings where there was money involved.  His teachings were FREE.  He taught to those who would listen and he didn’t damn anyone if they didn’t.  What his message consists of is simple, yet religion and church fails to get this across and many people don’t understand what it really means to themselves.  Jesus told us simply to “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”.  The other thing that Jesus said was, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do To You”.  Wow, what a simple concept!  Not many people that I have met really truly understand or can grasp that concept.  The church doesn’t teach this as simple as Jesus does.  They attach many strings to it.  The church teaches that we all must listen and to go convert others.  Jesus said that if they didn’t want to listen then to go and leave them alone.  

He never said that You Must Go To Church.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere
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