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Study reveals the genetic start-up of a human embryo

Mitosis, stage four (stock image). At the start of an individual's life there is a single fertilized egg cell. One day after fertilization there are two cells, after two days four, after three days eight and so on, until there are billions of cells at birth. The order in which our genes are activated after fertilization has remained one of the last uncharted territories of human development.
Credit: © Tatiana Shepeleva / Fotolia
"An international team of scientists led from Sweden's Karolinska Institute has for the first time mapped all the genes that are activated in the first few days of a fertilized human egg."

I think that is amazing that we now know what is started or what occurs at the first moment of what some call life.

Each cell has a million different ways that it can develop and each cell knows exactly what it is going to be and makes it so.

Did you know that they now know of about 23,000 genes a human holds?  That is too many for me to count.  
Just in the day two there are 32 genes already being developed and just by day 3 there are 129 of them.  Wow what a progression!

According to the research the scientists had to find a new way to find the genes that were working behind the scenes.  They did and they want to use this new research and development to help understand if there weren't enough humans populating the earth as it is.  

I am a bit confused at all this research and development.  There are three sides to this, that I see, but I bet there are more.

On one side you have all those people who want their own children and are unable to conceive for one reason or another.  

On this side..ways you also have those religious who think that all life is sacred and we should keep populating the earth.

On the other side we have mas amounts of children who have no parents that could be adopted out.  Most of these are from all the wars that are all over the world in one fashion or another.  These children need and want a loving parent to raise them and love them.

Then you have another side where children and adults are starving because there is not enough food or housing to go around. 

Where do we begin to think about all these things? 


For more information and the whole article:

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