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The Institution of Marriage and The Gay Issue

I don’t think that it will take generations to find what they are looking for.  The reason why is because the Bible had mentioned this way before our times here on this planet.  It seems that we have survived up to this point and I don’t think we are going to end the world or the sanctity of marriage at all.

There are Hermaphrodites that possess both male and female genital and they are born that way they have both physical genders within their bodies.  It is the parents who decide what they will become and if they choose wrong well then there is another set of problems for that child to deal with.  They cannot reproduce themselves either but they can be married because no one is the wiser as for starting a family.  There are a few celebrities who are true hermaphrodites.  Some of us just need to be educated on such things.

It is a huge myth that Gay’s cannot start a family.  Gays can have children just like the rest of us.  That does not mean they cannot start a family.  There are many Gays and Lesbians who have had marriages and produced children within the constraints of what is called a marriage and then divorced.  They had bright young children who will grow up to know what they need to know to be great assets to the adult community.  They may be better off than those who divide because of gender issues.  They may be the ticket to gaining a better compassionate society of the whole.  Are those who are Gay who have children and then leave the relationship fake?  I don’t think so at all.  I think they are trying to fit in and sometimes to do so one has to hide behind masks from those who are ignorant of the situation and circumstances.
  1. Levites are the descendants of the Tribe of Levi, one of the twelve tribes. In addition to Levites, the Kohens (priests) are also descended from Levi. Both are integrated in Jewish and Samaritan communities, but keep a distinct status. For more information on the Levite Tribe please visit here:

What I find very wrong about a statement from the religious sect of peoples.
A family is comprised of 2 care givers, but that is not always the case especially in war torn countries or those who defend other countries.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that one parent must be female and the other male.  Those whose caregivers who are deployed cannot raise children nor have a marriage and some cannot even start a family.  How is it that they qualify as married couple, man and woman, to start a family?  It is a choice to start a family, not a mandate.  Yes it says to replenish the earth, but once we have then what?  The religious who mandate that we must start families can’t answer that.  Military households  in which one or both have decided to go defend our nation in other nations cannot raise children with the male and female or mom and dad 2 mindsets.   The role of parenting has changed.  The role of raising a child is being suppressed by many.  We are to raise our children to be adults in a society of many and we expect them to grow up.  In my article about When And How To Treat A Child As An Adult it brings up the subject of what we are supposed to do with them as in additions to society.
It is mentioned in the Old Testament that a man should not lay down with another man, but it doesn’t state that they should not have children or that they cannot be married or they should be excommunicate and not loved.  Western religions really don’t want peace or compassion for others and they certainly do not do as Jesus states.  

There are also many types of relationships between two people and then there is also a platonic relationship or just a companion relationship. Then there is also one that is good for making money work that will not work as being single. You may be surprised at this but there are also many sexless marriages.  The government takes so much from us and some of the ways they give the people back is only through marriage. That is not a religious marriage but a union that does work otherwise.

The Catholic Canon states that they are to keep their clergy and the people in the dark at all costs.  This was set down as law when the canon was first being developed. It is said Jesus, that people who are supposed to follow, that we must love one another as ourselves.  Dividing and looking into other people’s bedrooms does not love us.  We are to treat others the way that we want them to treat ourselves.  Stoning people is only going to get you stoned.  If we show compassion and learn about our own bodies we would grow exponentially in spirit, mind and soul. This is what we want back, but it is not what we are giving.  

When we start judging others that is when we judge ourselves.  Jesus stated that God is the only one who can judge and he will do it at his own time.  We need to stop judging and dividing and conquering.  It is a big planet and there is lots of room for everybody.  Jesus said to get the log out of your own eye first before getting the speck of dust out of your neighbor’s eye.  The most important law that Jesus stated for us to adhere to was simply:  

Let God Do The Judging, not us.