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The Return To Feminine Energy

A while back I was searching for the answer to why I have heard about Jesus coming back as a woman. What I am really trying to find is why they left out all feminism in that Bible and then anybody who believes in that concept is something very undesirable. These are some of the things that I have found.

The Age of Aquarius represents the return to higher frequency of light energy which vibrates faster and brings consciousness to higher levels of awareness. Aquarius represents the feminine archetype - the goddess or priestess. It is also connects with the right side of the brain which is the intuitive, creative side of our experience in third dimension.
Aquarius represents the higher chakras - heart, throat, third eye, and crown.
There is a 26,000 year cycle of time called the Equinoxes. Approximately every 13,000 the cycles changes from the masculine energies - (Leo through Pisces) - to the feminine energies (Aquarius through Virgo).
We have entered the timeline of Aquarius - 'She' who returns humanity to the higher frequencies - and the spiritual teachings lost approximately 13,000 at the Age of Aquarius, when human consciousness spiraled down to third dimension to experience duality - linear time - and emotions. This is all based on a blueprint created by Sacred Geometry.

Anima and Animus Two final aspects of personality remain for consideration in regard to midlife development.
Jung postulates that each individual has both male and female components of the psyche. For a male the feminine component is the anima, and for a female it is the animus. Part and parcel of human biological and psychological development is this mixture of masculine and feminine energies.
These energies are theoretical constructs or concepts, which are useful for explanation but are not identical with gender. The separation of these concepts from gender is very difficult to maintain in the English language because of the similarity of words. Masculine energy and male and feminine energy and female seem to be the same but are not. The concepts may be better understood if viewed from a different context.
In Eastern cultures the Tao symbol with its Yin and Yang energies is expressive of the same idea. The Tao symbol, consisting of a circle divided in two equal portions each containing an element of the other, indicates that all of creation is composed of two energies held in harmony and interaction.

Integration of the Cosmic Fire of the Solar Goddess
The powerful energy that you have been experiencing in these last months has been the energy of the Solar Divine Feminine, released from the Galactic Center and transmitted to you via the powerful Solar flare of December. That Solar vortex is still active on the sun's surface, and is transmitting these energy codes into the Earth's crystalline energy grid system right now. For the month of March, Venus will be in Aries, and the Solar Goddess will assist your process of integration.
The Solar energy of the Divine female is a powerful archetypal energy, best expressed as Sekmet, the Egyptian Lioness goddess, or Pele, the volcano fire goddess of Hawaii. She finds her reflection in Mary Magdalene of the Christian tradition, for the fire Goddesses always have a strong passionate and sexual energy as well. In the eastern traditions, Kali would best exemplify this energy. Its nature is strength, power, and creativity.

Welcoming the Solar Feminine Energy to Earth
When the Earth Grid was manipulated to exclude the Solar Feminine, humans forgot that women would be Powerful Creators. Their creative functions were limited to childbirth, and the Lunar Goddesses became the "mothers" and the keepers of the Feminine Energy on Earth. As a result, in the dualistic and rational belief systems (Christianity) that took hold on Earth, humans were conditioned to define the masculine and the feminine as oppositional, and to assign solar energy to the male and lunar energy to the female. But the ancients knew better, and their pantheons included Solar Goddesses and Lunar Gods.
And so, at this time, humanity is once again recognizing the Solar Feminine energy and the Lunar Male energy.
To embody the Solar Feminine Energy is to be strong, passionate, creative and energetic. It is a Creative energy, and belongs to artists, writers, musicians, and dancers. (The Solar Masculine, by contrast, channels this energy into the mental sphere and produces philosophers, scientists, politicians and business people). The Lunar Feminine energy is gentle, receptive, nurturing and meditative; it is the energy of the Archetypal Mother manifested in nurses, teachers and caregivers. The Lunar Male energy is also gentle, meditative, nurturing and caring, and people who run this energy enjoy professions where they can care for people or support people whether in business or in professions such as doctors, physiotherapists, or even lawyers.
To be a woman and to embody the Solar Feminine energy has been very difficult. Women have conditioned to identify with the Lunar Feminine energy, and those who express their Solar energy have often had to go the route of the Solar Masculine, which sets up Inner Conflicts between a Solar Masculine outer life and a Lunar Feminine model that seems not to "work" or "fit" who they are. With the grounding of the Solar Feminine Energy the Archetypal model of the Fire Goddess and her intense but Feminine Power and Creativity will once again be available to women. There are going to be a lot of women on the Planet who are going to start feeling a lot more comfortable with who and what they are at this time. And a lot of men who will have a better understanding of what their partners and female friends are about.
But also, being able to move an understanding of the Masculine and Feminine energies beyond dualism and into complexity will break the patterns of dualistic thinking and the judgments that so often go with them. People may choose to embody one of the energies, or all of them at different times. Humans will no longer be trapped in "either"/"or" scenarios, but can exercise freedom and choice to express whatever aspects of their being appeals most to them at that time in their lives. It is a choice of aligning with a harmonic and a tone that most suits your sense of who you are. And the return of the Solar Feminine will certainly be the enabler for this new freedom and creativity.