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Men Didn't Always Rule All People Like They Do Today

How Matriarchy and Patriarchy Reversed In The World

I do think that this religious stuff is going overboard. In this article I will explore some things that I have observed, ask some questions of you and the like. Oh I know that I will get those who think they are scholarly and interject scripture to prove they are right and everyone else is wrong. I may even be called dirty names as has happened before. Those won't be the only things that will go on at my expense just to prove that I am wrong because I simply choose to ask questions.
So moving right along. 
The first observance is The Creation Myth.

 Whomever wrote the original creation in the book that is called the Bible might have gotten the story correct............BUT and it is a big BUTT (pun intended)...those who chose to put it out for us to see put their slant on it making it look like Adam is superior to anything feminine.  He comes out to be arrogant, conceited and very vain.  I do believe that being vain is something not advised in the rest of the Bible.  So why would Adam be written about in that way?

Lilith was Adams first wife, made by God. She's the first to get the bad rap. First of all she didn't like being treated as below Adam. In sex she didn't want to be beneath Adam but beside him. For this she is shunned and finally becomes a myth. In the myth she becomes the Goddess of all evil. Is he was put as a Myth then Adam would have to be MYTH too. Why is it evil to be equal to Adam as God planned it--or did he ever plan it that way since MAN took over the translations of the written word? Whose written word was it, because if you look at it it is supposed to be God's words ......BUTT (pun intended)..............God created Man and Women equal. So just what is Adam's (MAN, not in Mankind, butt MAN as in MALE) problem with equality?

Now Eve is Adam's second wife. She was to be his helper in the land of Eden, which was supposed to be beautiful and sustain their lives forever. BOTH Adam and Eve were told not to eat of a special tree. I believe that they were set up. If someone is to love and honor and pay reverence to, they wouldn't go looking for ways to make them fall.
So Eve gets all the blame for listening and being deceived (or was it more like truth) by this Serpent...or was it Satan.......there are two variations right in the same book.
If it was a serpent then why would Even listen to him in the first place? Another observance......Why would Adam listen to Eve and then eat of that forbidden fruit? Wasn't Adam given brains too?
If it were Satan, who was supposed to have been the most beautiful Angel and Angel number One that enticed her, the same questions as with him/her being listened too. Beauty is a feminine property. So it is that Satan gets the bad rap as well as Eve. It is also said that Satan didn't want to worship Adam who was a being that God had made. He felt that since he was top Angel that he should have been above Adam in that order of things. So now Eve who is feminine and Satan, who is feminine, all get bad raps and Adam is all good, yet again.

Masculine and Feminine Qualities
Masculine Properties are: Strong, muscular, a provider, logical and analytical, father, competitive, outspoken, initiating, dominant, independent, and authoritative.
Feminine Properties are: soft, graceful, emotional, intuitive, motherly, nurturing, gentle, compassionate, and yielding.
Homosexuals exhibit both masculine and feminine properties. Some females also exhibit the masculine qualities and MALE/Christianity also has a problem with these type individuals.  Isn't this the real reason that MALE (Christianity) cannot get around.  Aren't they confused as to which gender to get their hands on?  Kind of like if you can't convert then you should discriminate...
The funny thing about this is that GOD is supposed to be both feminine and masculine--just like the Homosexuals.  Anybody else see something wrong with this picture and that of Christianity?

The Bible Exposed Creation Myth & Ancient Egypt Matriarch System
MAN (Christianity) lies, deceives and are arrogant.
So who really wrote the creation story? Where is the original? Why has Adam come out smelling like a Rose, when in fact he hates Women? Why has those who re-wrote/transcribed put Adam on the pedestal? Why do they want him to exhibit those properties that are so against the commandments of the God he is supposed to be part of? Why have those who think they know the Bible and the mind of God think that the male side of things is more superior to the feminine. Why did they choose to divide? Why would we trust in those men who have been deceitful, lie and are very arrogant (full of PRIDE) when God is totally opposite----and then teach that to all humankind.
What really is the message of Jesus if you take away that he was a MALE? What is it with MALE (MEN)? Doesn't the Bible teach that PRIDE goeth before a FALL?
More and more do I see MEN (Christianity) attempting to covert others to their sides. Are MEN (Christianity) that afraid that they will be the ones shown in the bad/darkness as they have put the women in for so very long? Are they afraid that women and femininity will make its way back to where it should be? Come on now, are we supposed to be equals? MEN lie and say that women are equal to me. That is a plain LIE and no matter how they wiggle and squirm and deceive, it will always be that long as men are in charge and take over any resemblance of femininity, because as long as we have that Bible that MAN translated and deceived and changed they will always look arrogant. I guess that is the way they want themselves to look. I guess they think that looks good on them and is less of a sin then putting their own kind and femininity to shame and in the darkness. Isn't this what scares them to death and why they are trying so hard to get what they call "believers"? If they read the Bible for themselves they would see that God calls us to believe and not man. So Why do they need to LIE and Deceive us into believing that Christianity is the only way, when the only way is by God and no one else?
What they don't realize it there is cause and effect or what they have written in that Bible as what ye shall sow ye shall reap. The reaping has begun and it scares them. Just what other LIES are they going to tell us and how much FEAR are they going to use to get us to do something that is not in their best interest? If they are going to use that we all must be believers and that they want everyone

A Few Other Things
One more thing: Catholics are taught that you have to dress respectfully to respect God. That is so funny because God doesn't see what you wear. He sees your thoughts and you cannot cover them at all. Whose idea is it that God has to be respected through vanity and clothing? When Jesus was around most people only had one set of clothes unless you were very rich. Money is the ruling power of Christianity, not God. He didn't create money and how to exploit other genders and races........MAN (Christianity) did.
I was also told that being home and not working outside to the home was an open door to Satan entering my life and taking my soul. Where in the Bible does it say that? This is all about MONEY and more LIES spread by Christianity. It's just one more way that MAN (Christianity) is trying to hold onto their power and stay on that pedestal that they put themselves on from the beginning--or at least when they got their hands on some sacred spiritual writings that they thought that they could use to gain all the power.
Yes, I also get told that I do not go by Christ and I am just a very angry person. Of course I will because I am speaking against an Evil Empire. In the time of Jesus they hung and burned people on crosses because they even thought about such things.
It wasn't only Jesus that died in the way that he did. There were thousands that died that way. They also had to put all those bodies in a huge pit and they called it "The Lake of Fire" or Hades/Gehenna/Hell. Now one wanted to go near it, but they had to do such as that to keep diseases and other terrible things at bay.
Could the scholars who were under pressure to keep Rome in fact twisted some words around that Jesus MIGHT have said?  ...For instance when Jesus said that no one gets to the Father but through him.  He may just have meant his father--Joseph.  Stay with me here because I can hear your grinding wheels turning.  Now in the bible it is believed that Jesus was poor.  In reality he was rich, wealthy, lots of money.  His father, Joseph was the main company of ship building that was very influential in that day.  Any business needs a front person to handle the appointment and meetings and so forth.  Jesus's other brothers did the building and so it makes sense that Jesus was that front person.  Could the scholars while under pressure been told to twist that around just a bit so that they could get more people in the church hence get more money out of them?
I am not against Jesus or God, but for them. They have nothing to do with the modern church or its teachings.

"NEW AGE" hardly
When you read Mark 16 for yourself and not through the church or any type of dogma or doctrine you will see what *they* (because it was NOT Jesus who said this) really meant about what a believer was supposed to believe in. Here is the chapter--it is small--but needs to be shown for understanding, not preaching. The verse numbers have been omitted to show the STORY as it is.
"Mark 16
And the sabbath having past, Mary the Magdalene, and Mary of James, and Salome, bought spices, that having come, they may anoint him, and early in the morning of the first of the sabbaths, they come unto the sepulchre, at the rising of the sun, and they said among themselves, `Who shall roll away for us the stone out of the door of the sepulchre?' And having looked, they see that the stone hath been rolled away -- for it was very great, and having entered into the sepulchre, they saw a young man sitting on the right hand, arrayed in a long white robe, and they were amazed. And he saith to them, `Be not amazed, ye seek Jesus the Nazarene, the crucified: he did rise -- he is not here; lo, the place where they laid him! and go, say to his disciples, and Peter, that he doth go before you to Galilee; there ye shall see him, as he said to you.' And, having come forth quickly, they fled from the sepulchre, and trembling and amazement had seized them, and to no one said they anything, for they were afraid. And he, having risen in the morning of the first of the sabbaths, did appear first to Mary the Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven demons; she having gone, told those who had been with him, mourning and weeping; and they, having heard that he is alive, and was seen by her, did not believe. And after these things, to two of them, as they are going into a field, walking, he was manifested in another form, and they having gone, told to the rest; not even them did they believe. Afterwards, as they are reclining (at meat), he was manifested to the eleven, and did reproach their unbelief and stiffness of heart, because they believed not those having seen him being raised; and he said to them, `Having gone to all the world, proclaim the good news to all the creation; he who hath believed, and hath been baptized, shall be saved; and he who hath not believed, shall be condemned. And signs shall accompany those believing these things; in my name demons they shall cast out; with new tongues they shall speak; serpents they shall take up; and if any deadly thing they may drink, it shall not hurt them; on the ailing they shall lay hands, and they shall be well.' The Lord, then, indeed, after speaking to them, was received up to the heaven, and sat on the right hand of God; and they, having gone forth, did preach everywhere, the Lord working with [them], and confirming the word, through the signs following. Amen. "

It wasn't that they were to believe in Jesus Christ, but in that Jesus Christ and everyone (as he said this) is able to Incarnate in another body after death. It does NOT state that you don't or that it is a "NEW AGE" thing. Then he tells them to go tell others of this "miracle". Therefore it becomes common knowledge that there is RE-Incarnation. Those who do not believe will be what? So, whomever does not believe in this miracle and twists it around to church doctrine are condemned---Karma and that is also stated in the bible too, just not the same word. What happen to Jesus as he is in this other body after this? It is never mentioned what happens to him. Does he follow them or start his life again or goes back to his other state? It never says. You can be sure that the Romans didn't know of him if his own family and friends didn't.

Some More Questions Answered
A fellow writer answered some questions about Lilith and Adam and Eve in the comment section and I think it gets overlooked so I am adding it here.
"OK I believe I may hold some of the answers to your questions.
Though before I get to answering them, I do have to say, the bit on homosexuality, I nearly hurt myself laughing (I do not mean that in a mean way) I'll have to write a Hub on the misconception of the masculine and famine concerning Homosexuals by heterosexuals, (again this is not meant to cause offense or said in a mean or hurtful manner)
So to answer questions as best I can.
The Old Testament is largely based on the Jewish Holy Book the Torah. You are quite right, in that, there was the Male and Female form of God. ...So God and Goddess. The Feminine aspect of God was written out of the Torah. So that by the time Christianity hit the scene. There was only God the male form. Yup over the centuries the Torah has been edited by men.
Lilith was not Human nor made Human. Though she was known throughout the ancient world. Her vengeance and wrath are said to be so great that other lands worshiped another malevolent spirit / demon in order to protect them from Lilith.
Eve was said to be created from the Rib bone, so that she was equal to him and belonged beside him. ...Again sexual equality. It was actually Lilith in the form of a serpent that tempted Eve and Eve tempted Adam. Hence the bit where it is written the serpent's punishment was to lose its wings and crawl about the earth on its belly. The Human fall from grace, known as the original sin was not as many would believe or have you believe, eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge. The human fall from grace was caused because Both Adam and Eve lied to God. So it was lies and not as again many would have one believe it was as you put it the fault of Eve. They were both at fault equally and thus punishment. It is also a way to explain the pain of child birth, = Eves punishment Also interesting that girls develop mentally before boys do again this is put to the fact/fiction Eve ate of the fruit before Adam.
Lucifer actually means the bringer of light, and was said to be the Angel of the Morning Star. The Fall of Lucifer and his followers came about in essence out of jealousy. As God gave humans not only a soul, but also the will and freedom of choice. Unlike the Angels, who did not have a choice or a Soul as they were direct matter of The Creator. I have heard Angels are actually hermaphrodites having both male and female genitalia (how true this is I am unsure, and again much confusion about this, is due to Catholic doctrine)
The Name Jesus is actually not the correct name of the 'Son of God' a bad translation; it is most likely his name was Jacob. Messiah again is miss understood in Western culture / Christian doctrine. As Jesus was born of the house of David and in the line of Solomon making him a Priest/ Rabbi King. King Rabi = Messiah. Hence why the leaders at the time didn't really want him around. As they had a rather nice set up and deal with the then occupying Romans.
One other Note, it is most and pretty much impossible he was born in a stable. He was of royal and noble blood, and not Poor as portrayed in the Bible. Sunday as the day of worship again Man made. the first Pope as his authority on earth was to alter the day of worship from Sabbath Saturday to Sol Invictis Day Sunday. Sol Invictis meaning the Victories Sun, It’s no secret that the pope continued to worship the invincible sun up and until he lay on his death bed, when he then converted to Christianity.
The New Testament and the bible as a whole. Was written in a way to be palpable thus acceptable to its audience who were Romans. The Gospels were written hundreds of years apart, and not by the disciples of the time. When the Book of Thomas was found (a true disciple at the time of Christ) was asked of the Catholic Church would it be included, the answer no, and btw we have had that book in our vaults for years. Jesus/ Jacob had to be male. As like So many only a male can ascend the throne. Even in modern royal family’s this still applies England’s monarchy is one of a few where a woman can ascend the throne. I see I am going to have to write a few hubs on this topic as to fully answer your questions, there is no way I can fully explain all the ins and outs as a reply. But I hope this reply has had some what helped answer your questions."

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere